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Charli Barker

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Meet Charli

Business coach, personal development coach & motivational speaker

My names Charli, I'm the proud founder of this incredible project! When I became a business coach I found the market was over saturated with coaches that had no idea what they were doing. I decided I would create my own business development coaching to help coaches, coach! Learn the organic tips and tricks to build business, branding and PR and help them grow their coaching business.  The tools we share at the Thesunflower.co  & Charli Barker Development will help this generation transform their mindset, goals and create a powerful future! Thank you for joining us on this journey, I hope you can see the difference we will make to this world! Join us x

From My Blog

Writing has always been a strong part of my self expression, I use to write in journals and diaries but now I get to write for you, which to me is incredible, I get to inspire and help you create just from writing, everything I share is from my personal life and with unconditional love. 

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How to get your first 10 paying clients  online

I have created a free Ebook for you to get started on your business journey, how to start, build and grow! 

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We have created some cute phone wallpapers for you to enjoy. They are motivational, uplifting and good reminders of self-care! Don't forget to tag us if you post on social media! 

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Let’s Connect

Let's work together! All business enquires here

Phone Number:  0481 099 416   /     Email: charlibarkerdevelopment@gmail.com

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''I’ve seen the work Charli has been doing and I can see how well she’s helping people. I know she is doing great! Helping people to improve their living, mindset & empower their situations. ''

- Tyla

“I love the work Charli is doing, I can see the influence she has and how she is shaping the lives of those who work with her! She really is changing the world!''

- Gabbie

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Charli Barker

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